Welcome to the Organisational Development learning Path!

This is the very first Caritas Europa learning path, we will start off on this path together and learn from and with each other about our organisations, how we can strengthen our organisations and ultimately contribute to a stronger network. You will be on this learning journey for the coming 18 months:

The learning path has four  modules: 1) The organisation, 2) Organisational Development, 3) Leadership and 4) Planning. Each module will start with a workshop where we get together to share and learn about the topic. We will also explore together how the practice in our organisations is linked to Catholic Social Teaching; how our Identity becomes “practice”.

Following the workshops you will have a couple of months to put what you learnt into practice in your organisation. To help you in this, we will be supporting you on this OD Forum where you can also keep in touch with your fellow learners and find materials to help you out.

In the end of this learning experience, a community of experts in the field of organisational development will be created. The experts are you!

You will be able to help your organisation in making the steps it wants to take towards increased sustainability. At the same time, this learning path will enhance your competences to respond to the requirements of the CI management standards. And you will be there to help other member organisations of Caritas Europa to start their processes of change when support is asked for.